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Many health issues, when you follow the true physical source of the problem, are caused by acidosis (ph imbalance leaning towards the acidic side). In the same fashion a pool needs to maintain a balanced ph to be clear, sparkling, and free from contaminants, so does the body... as it is comprised primarily of water. Inflammation, pain, joint issues, diabetes, cancer, gastro issues, immune deficiency, infections, skin conditions, artery issues, candida, stiffness, etc. 

Many of these begin to disappear when acid-forming foods are truly eliminated (meat, dairy, bread, alcohol, tap water, boxed food, fast food, processed foods & sugars, etc.) from the diet and replaced with green Earth foods in their place. If you or someone you know are experiencing these types of conditions, you can swiftly begin to get relief by making a few simple changes in your diet. 

Even juicing 1-2 organic cucumbers, organic celery stalks, organic kale / spinach / romaine, and organic lemon in 1 juice a day can be seriously life changing. Significantly increasing the amount of pure spring water (beginning first thing in the morning) enjoyed each and every day is paramount to achieving this balance and pays off almost immediately. 

Lift your glasses to improved health and fun living by eating real, organic foods each day and drinking clean, pure water! They hold the key to true health and healing. | For those without a juicer at the moment, Apple Cider Vinegar ('Bragg' brand - 1-2tbsp in a tea cup's worth of pure spring water 1-3x a day), spring water w/ organic lemon, and all of the organic greens help balance ph to allow for supreme health! This is one of the most, if not the most, overlooked criteria to optimum, dis-ease-free living.

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