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Juice clorophila & Juice wheatgrass


(Biological when possible)

2 apples unpeeled and without seeds
1 medim size cucumber
2 cups of  spinach leaves or other dark green vegetable *
1 branch of mint or Prince or melissa
1/2 cup of sprouted grains or seeds **
1 carrott
1 ginger approx.1cm large
1 bunch of wheatgrass 
1 bunch of cilantro or parsley or prince or mint (is very good)

How to do it
Put the chopped apples in the processor and use the cucumber to push until the first liquids are formed.
Add sequentially the sprouted grains/seeds, the green leaves, the vegetables and the roots.

Use a cloth filter and drink the juice immediately
You can use a centrifugal machine.

Sprouting seeds: Why and How?
Sprouting seeds or grain is a formidable way of increasing food value and nutrients of what is otherwise considered something relatively inedible. Sprouts can be eaten on their own, or are sometimes ground up and then used as a main or substitute ingredient in baking or cooking. And the methods for sprouting are really, really easy too! 
To germinate a seed, just put it in water overnight and in the morning, place it in a colanderand (discard any broken, mouldy, discoloured or disfigured seeds). Allow approximately 24 hours, the germination time will vary from grain to grain, temperature, etc.. When sprouted with 1 to 2 cm tails, most of their enzyme inhibitors are inactivated and they reach its full power. They are ready to be consumed. 
They are excellent on salads and juices.

Possible variations:

Grasses: barley - oats - corn

* Biological vegetables:lettuce or watercress or parsley or cabbage

** Sprouted seeds or grains:  quinoa or sesame or sunflower / sesame or almond or garbanzo beans or nuts  

 Pregnant women, children, the frail, youngsters, the elderly, and generally those who are healthy and want to prevent diseases are strongly encouraged to taste this juice and benefit from its virtues.

Direct effects on health are profound as well as beneficial improvements for people with physical illnesses such as leukemia, Parkinson's, hepatitis, HIV, sluggish bowel, kidneysfailing, chronic fatigue, diabetes and cancer prevention. Possible contribution for cancer cure is also considered by experts in healthy eating.

The conceptual basis lies on the juice of wheat grass, defended by Dr. Ann Wigmore (1909-1994). "Let food be your medicine" is the motto as proclaimed by Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

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