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Benefits Of Raw Food – 6 Benefits Of Eating Raw Food

Following a diet based on the benefits of raw food is an excellent way to lose weight on a naturally way and it will help you to improve your health.

It is not only important that you eat it; you must know what the benefits of raw food are.

You know the old saying ?Power is knowledge? this is definitely true when it comes to dieting.

I?m sure they didn?t realize it but our grandparents (the cavemen) were only eating raw food.

They didn?t cook their food; heck they didn?t even know how to create fire.

Raw food benefit *1 Eat as much as you can:
If you follow a raw food diet you can eat almost as much as you can and still maintain a healthy weight.

Raw food benefit *2 Rich in fibres:
Did you know that there are six types of fibres. The fibres in raw food are called cellulose. They are necessary when it comes to losing weight.

Raw food benefit *3 A clear skin:

Raw vegetables are an excellent and natural resource for a clear skin.

Vegetables are rich in vitamins. Some effective vegetables are carrots, salad,

tomatoes and cucumbers.

Raw food benefit *4 Energy:
An excellent benefit of raw food is that it doesn?t contain only vitamins but also energy.
You will feel yourself more fit, you will have more energy and it may even improve your sex life.

Raw food benefit *5 Saturated fads:
Sat fats are bat in your battle against weight loss. This is one of the most important benefits of a raw food diet it contains very little saturated fats.

Raw food benefit *6 More nutritional value:
Food cooked above 116F? will lose a lot of its nutritional value.

Attention!:Your best bet is to consume only organic raw food.
Raw food from your local supermarket are loaded with pesticides.

You can prepare a lot of tasty receipts with only raw food: Think on all the salads you can mate or try a vegetable food. Personally I prefer tomato vegetable juice with a little bit salt, black pepper and Tabasco.
I hope you have a better understanding of the benefits of raw food

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