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Raw Food, Fully Cooked Concepts

BERLIN | Organic, local edibles that are not only vegan but … raw? In the land of the greasy currywurst? Aber ja — but of course! Since March, Boris Lauser has been quietly spreading the raw-food word, serving gourmet uncooked meals out of his own apartment in a glassy new building where Kreuzberg meets Mitte. He’s also been gathering a following of curious Berliners looking to taste something new.

“I loved having people over for dinner when I lived in Italy, so when I came to Berlin, I decided to serve people at home,” said Mr. Lauser, who first became aware of the subtle tastes of really seasonal food during a stint working for the United Nations in Rome. He got his first training in raw-food preparation in Asia; then went on to learn the craft more formally at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona.

Now, the slight, soft-spoken 33-year-old takes dinner reservations (176-8922-9242 or www.balive.org) from groups of people who don’t always know one another as they arrive, but definitely do as they leave. (Guests are required to book at least two days in advance: “Raw food is extremely time-consuming,” said Mr. Lauser.)

The chef serves dishes like “spaghetti Bolognese” (the pasta isn’t pasta at all, but rather thinly sliced zucchini), “bread” prepared with a dehydrator, and a carrot “cake” so delicious that most diners would never guess it wasn’t baked. Everything is meticulously presented, and the atmosphere feels like someone’s living room, because, well, it is.

Mr. Lauser, who is a trained masseur and an avid yoga enthusiast, also hosts brunches and caters events for up to 50 people — all from his home kitchen, using organic ingredients that stick as close to home (and season) as possible.

“I’m happy to bring something like this to Berlin,” he said. The feeling seems to be mutual.

Meal prices average 35 euros, or $52.50 at $1.53 to the euro (three courses, not including wine) for larger groups. Dinner for two, 60 euros per person with wine pairings.

The New York Time

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Pierre Corneille disse...

Aqui no Rio de Janeiro, a professora Ana Branco, da PUC, tem trabalhado muito o conceito de Raw Food. Vamos ver se pega um pouco.

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